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End the war on women by the republican party

Help is on the way for Alabama families

About charles NANA

N. Charles has dedicated his career to making things better for the less privileged in his communities as well as companies he associated with. Though he has become a recognized name in the business transformation and process improvement industry, Charles has built a reputation as a tireless fighter for the most vulnerable members of his communities..

Charles Nana is grateful for the opportunity to come to America and to live in the great state of Alabama. Charles is the 1st of 14 children and also the very first to obtain a college degree in his family. Charles Nana has the following degrees: Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University, Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from Catholic University of America International MBA degree in Analytical Finance, entrepreneurship & Strategic Management from the Univ. of Chicago, Booth School of Business.

Upon graduation from the University of Chicago, Charles went on to become a recognized name in the business transformation and process improvement industry. As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Project Management Professional, and Operational Excellence expert, he is well known as the guy who MAKES THINGS BETTER!

Although excited by the endless opportunities available to continually improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of American and Alabama businesses, Charles is deeply troubled by the way faith is being used by some to serve hate, racism and greed. When faith is used to camouflage discrimination and meanness, we then know, as a nation, we have a heart problem and those of us with a good heart need to standup, be counted and fight for our moral values. As I traveled from Mobile to Huntsville, Montgomery to Selma, Birmingham to Troy, I have difficulties finding political leaders who can simply tell us the truth. I have difficulties finding political leaders dedicated to helping the poor and veterans.

With Alabama’s failed leadership (Governor resigned, speaker of the house convicted and an incompetent United States Attorney General from Alabama, who brings nothing but shame & embarrassment to his home state by the minute), we desperately need a “Fresh New Wind” of leadership blowing through the state.

A fresh new wind that would:
1.) Revive our moral traditions of fairness, truth and compassion for, for our nation appears to have lost its soul. Our leaders are allergic and have severe disdain for the truth. They simply can’t tell the truth even when their reputation and that of their children depends on it.

2.) Ensure all Alabamians are paid livable wages that they deserve. No Alabamian should be working fulltime and be poor.

3.) Ensure opportunity and care for the poor and veterans who sacrificed so much for the nation but are getting almost nothing in return. We deny them simple respect and human dignity…. It’s a collective shame and anyone with a good heart MUST standup, be counted, join the movement: enough is enough and let’s do what is right for Alabama and usher in a New Fresh Wind.

4.) Ensure criminal justice reforms and abolish judicial override of jury which allows judges to throw out jury decisions on death penal cases for their personal views…. A jury of your peers should decide and not a judge

5.) Ensure free education to all from Pre-K to college. If we can contemplate building a wall with Mexico, we surely can afford giving our children free education from Pre-K to college. In per capita expenditure for students, Alabama is ranked lowest in the nation and that must change!!! Community colleges which should serve as retooling centers for transitioning workers, veterans and ex-felons reintegrating into the workforce are underutilized and that must change!!!”

Our campaign is all about what is right for Alabama and America. It is not about progressive or conservative views, it is not about republican & democrat views, it is not about black, white, yellow or green. It is not about Islam, Christianity or Judaism etc…. it is simply about what is right for Alabama and the nation. It is time for a “fresh new wind” in Alabama leadership.